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Re: Transmissibility for SHM [ Reply ]
By: Balmes on 2017-08-31 16:53

Question : What I mean by transmissibility is described in

"Damage localization using transmissibility functions: A critical review" Simon Chesné, Arnaud Deraemaeker

For example, we may consider a bridge under heavy traffic load and want to do a damage detection on it. As it is not known the accurate quantity of the load, most of the research used TF that is a output response based analysis.

Answer : then you should

  • select a loading model (for example a few point loads on the bride)
  • Compute the transfer functions from those loads to the piezo sensors.
  • Evaluate the transmissibility as the ratio of two transfers (you have to remember that for transmissibility computations, the modes found are those where the sensor is fixed, but in the case of a bridge you can probably indeed ignore the change in modal frequencies).


Transmissibility for SHM [ Reply ]
By: Balmes on 2017-08-28 07:52

Question : I am going to use the SDtools for my project in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and damage detection of civil-structures. Would you please let me know if the SDtoolbox is capable in SHM - damage detection and in particular, Frequency Response Function and Transmissibility Function. If so, could you please give some example (e.g. Damage detection using transmissibility function) or address in the toolbox tutorial?

Also, as I could not find any publication related to the aforementioned area in the SDtools web page, please let me know if you have any.


Answer : the documentation for SHM applications is you will find there a number of examples of how to compute transfers.

When you mention tranmissibility, what you mean exactly is unclear to me. Could you be more specific (from what input to what output).