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Global/local matrices [ Reply ]
By: Balmes on 2017-03-13 07:33

Question : I have created a model and I use these functions:

         mo4=fe_case(mo4,'FixDof','clamped dofs','z==0'); 
         [mo4,Case]=fe_case('assemble -MatDes 2 1 -NoT -SE',mo4)

The output we obtain are here Stiffness and Mass matrices. Are these Global or Local Stiffness/Mass matrices??


Answer :

I don’t know what you call local mass matrices. So the answer is global.

If you want matrices in local coordinates, then you need to look up the basis trans comman. When importing local coordinate definitions (DID in column 3 of nodes) you will be able to build the local to global coordinate transformation matrix (cGL) which is used as q_global = cGL q_local