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OpenGL problems on linux [ Reply ]
By: Balmes on 2019-05-27 10:22
Question : when displaying a mesh I get a problem with

MATLAB Root : /gpfs/softs/matlab/R2014a_full
Stack Trace (from fault):
[ 0] 0x00007f34d60fa460 /gpfs/softs/matlab/R2014a_full/bin/glnxa64/ _ZNK21uixDisplayInformation19getRenderEngineDataEv+00000000
[ 1] 0x00007f33b028b288 /gpfs/softs/matlab/R2014a_full/bin/glnxa64/

Answer : the Mathworks and Nvidia have had a number of problems on linux that can lead to problems with SDT rendering. In most cases, you can avoid crashes by switching the renderer. Using

opengl software

Otherwise, upgrade your MATLAB/graphics driver or avoid rendering FEM meshes in a pure computation process.

FEMLink : read ABAQUS files. Base questions [ Reply ]
By: Balmes on 2009-08-23 10:52
I just found FEMLink 3.3 on your website. I am interested in using this tool as a pre- and postprocessor for Abaqus. Therefore, I have got several questions:

Is it possible for FEMLink to directly handle Abaqus odb-files?
No, we read .fil files directly and have an experimental translator from ODB to a .mat file format. A key objective of this translation is to support reading very large file reading.
Which Abaqus-Versions are supported?
We support all recent versions. Since the input and .fil and .inp formats are fairly stable.
Is it possible to show/hide node and element sets?
Yes. We import these in the SDT model format and the mesh viewer (FEPLOT) lets you show sets easily.
Is it possible to plot visualizations (mesh, stress, etc.) as vector graphics such as svg or emf?
The display uses matlab graphics. Which you can export to various formats.
For vector vormats such as SVG and EMF the quality is however not very great so that for complex meshes we typically use bitmaps.